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Royal Mail PIP Boxes: Top 5 Benefits for Your Shipping Needs

In today’s fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient and reliable shipping solutions are essential for businesses of all sizes. The Royal Mail’s PIP (Price in Proportion) boxes have emerged as a valuable resource for sending parcels with ease and affordability. more

What is kraft paper tape?

What exactly is solvent-based kraft paper tape? Solvent-based kraft paper tape is distinguished from acrylic kraft paper tape by its unique property of adhering to itself, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Moreover, it excels in more

Potato Starch Bags & Packaging FAQ’s

BIOPLAST 300® HOME COMPOSTABLE EN13432 FILM – FAQ's – Potato Starch Bags & Packaging Film Bioplast 300® is the innovative new material our stock potato starch mailing bags are made from. As this compostable type of packaging is becoming more

Top 10 Benefits Of Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap or more commonly known as stretch film or cling film is one of the most popular products for wrapping and protecting pallets on the market today. The following lists the top 10 main benefits of pallet wrap. more

Tissue Paper – acid-free?

Tissue Paper  When using tissue paper for wrapping and protecting precious items it is important to consider the length of time the items will be wrapped in the paper.  Over time, the tissue will become acidic and brittle with age. more

Create a beautiful packaging experience

Does your packaging reflect the beauty of your product inside? Creating a memorable packaging experience can have an amazing effect on your business, encouraging customers to return and buy again or even share the experience with others. We are living more

Printed Parcel Labels for handling instructions and warnings

Printed Parcel Labels Printed parcel labels come in all shapes and sizes, labelling your packaging and pallets for a plethora of reason. Protecting your parcels in transit is very important to businesses, shipping or warning labels are an ideal more

Smelly plastic mailing bags?

Have you had issues with smelly grey plastic mailing bags? smelly mailing bags It’s more common every day. Just reviewing the social media I have seen a rapid increase in Facebook posts, Twitter feed and Instagram posts highlighting this distressing problem. more

Using Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Using Cardboard Boxes for packing Cardboard Boxes have become the mainstay of packaging products and I hope to offer some interesting facts about boxes and good advice for buying and sourcing them. How are they made? Cardboard Boxes are more

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