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Create a beautiful packaging experience

Does your packaging reflect the beauty of your product inside?
beautiful packaging

Creating a memorable packaging experience can have an amazing effect on your business, encouraging customers to return and buy again or even share the experience with others.

We are living in a world dominated by “shareable” media, people are drawn to visual content and make decisions based on inconspicuous cues is faster than any other type of medium including text, email audio or video.

Are you sharing your buying experience?

The power of images isn’t limited to the like of  Pinterest and Instagram. Images are attracting attention and driving engagement across all other social networks.

Even LinkedIn and Twitter are getting in on the act with lots of imagery included within posts.  Business are used to share the product images and videos on many social network sites but have you considered sharing the WHOLE experience?

Are you selling online?

If you are selling products online the packaging you are using is going to be one of the most important factors. At the end of the day, you need to get the product to the customer, a basic requirement for any  e-commerce business.

Ask yourself these questions:

What does my packaging look like to the receiver and will they notice the packaging?  

Does it stand out from other competitors?

If my products are beautiful, does my packaging reflect this?

Once you have created awareness and gain interest in your business, it is often the small things that go on to create that consumer desire, prompting action and make the all important sale.

A recent purchase….beautiful packaging experience.

I recently ordered a very pretty, handmade key fob as a Father’s Day gift for my daughter to give to my Husband and the clincher for me was the artistic quality of the images posted on the business facebook page that I purchase the item from.

The Seller, Mollymoomoos had taken me on a journey, posting images of the items in working progress, sharing lunch and sharing daily challenges on social network posts.


Add personal touches to your packaging

This added a very personal touch to my buying experience and made me want to delve further into Mollymoomoos images online.
By displaying the finished products in a beautiful manner and showing the finished packages ready to wrap in beautiful coloured tissue papers, ribbon and bespoke labelling and floral mailing bags –  I was hooked!


Ready to order and looking forward to receiving my delightful product in wrapped in gorgeousness and most importantly beautiful packaging.

If your business needs beautiful packaging contact me at www.packagingproductsonline.co.uk  where we have a vast range of printed and colourful mailing, tissues, gift boxes and bags.

(Thank you Millymoomoos for your kind agreement to my blog post)


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