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Using Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Using Cardboard Boxes for packing

Cardboard Boxes have become the mainstay of packaging products and I hope to offer some interesting facts about boxes and good advice for buying and sourcing them.

How are they made?

Cardboard Boxes are one of the several types of Packaging Boxes that are made of corrugated paper. The edges of the corrugated paper are made of rows of air columns, with a paperboard backing. The air trapped in these columns between the corrugated acting as a cushion and provides better protection.

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Cardboard Boxes  – Advantages

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent value for money
  • Space saving as supplied flat pack
  • Modular sizes match pallet dimensions

Sourcing great cardboard boxes 

Packaging Products Online stock a huge range of cardboard boxes for immediate despatch which conveniently supplied flat packed in  25’s.

Our cardboard boxes are available in a variety of sizes, whether you need a small, medium or large packing box for shipping or storage our cardboard boxes are suitable for an enormous range of products and purposes.

In addition, they perform in a range of temperatures, whilst continuing to offer excellent resistance to bursting and crushing. Our cardboard boxes are designed to provide a level of protection for your products whilst in storage or transit but should additional protection be required, our protective packaging range has products that complement our cardboard boxes perfectly, such as bubble wrap and packing chips.

The internal dimensions are shown as Length x Width x Depth. Unable to find the exact size you need? Or require something a little more bespoke? We can help with that too, contact us and we can provide a quotation for bespoke sizes.







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