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The history of the padded envelopes – Who invented Jiffy Bags?

So how was the bubble lined envelope invented?

Posting and shipping fragile goods through the post had always been an issue, in the past people used shredded paper or newspaper and wrapped parcels in brown paper and string!

Small items demanded a better type of packaging that was larger than an envelope and smaller than a boxed parcel.

Founded in 1896, Jiffy was originally made excelsior products from wood wool, but they branched out into padded shipping envelopes in the 1960s. The original Jiffy bags were made of a paper outer, an inner layer of thinner paper and shredded used newsprint sandwiched in between to provide the protective padding.


Bubble Wrap was created by two engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, in 1957. Like many innovations, it was an accidental find! The two were trying to create a plastic wallpaper backed with paper that could be easily cleaned.


Bubble wrap is a pliable clear plastic material commonly used for
packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, air-filled bubbles provide cushioning for precious or breakable items, making its use in the postal system an obvious one.

So with the technology of the bubble wrap laminated inside the outer kraft paper envelope, padded envelopes were born.  They have made a big difference to security and protection.The padding a

The padding acts as not a cushion to the contents inside and also makes it difficult to judge the contents of a padded envelope.

The bubble lined bags have now become an office staple and e-commerce staple, especially in view of the massive growth in consumer sales online.
Produced in a wide range of sizes, they are a cheap and easy answer to packaging and sending out fragile or delicate items and deserve a place in every packaging area or post room.

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