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How to avoid Tesco Direct packaging disaster

How to avoid this Tesco Direct packaging disaster

We have all received a parcel from on online retailers which might be considered as “over packaged” but could it be considered a packaging disaster?

The box is far too large for the item and reams of void fill has been added to full huge empty space.

Whilst browsing the internet for a good example of excessive packaging use I stumbled across a story on the daily mail website which surpasses all packaging errors and I’m sure will make you smile.

Joanne and Billy Murphy, from Greater Manchester, ordered a 24 piece dinner service from Tesco. When the delivery arrived the couple were pretty shocked when it arrived because every single item had been packaged into separate boxes. Once all the pieces had been unwrapped from 48 boxes they could no longer see the floor of their living room.

Joanne and Billy Murphy were mystified as to why every plate, bowl and mug they had ordered was packed in its own individual box and then placed inside a second bigger box. (or outer carton; this is often a precaution taken by online packaging depots for fragile items)

 (photos from dailymail.co.uk)

5 Things to consider when packing  your e-commerce orders

  1. Minimize your packaging costs – contact your supplier for a packaging review. They know packaging as much as you know your business so use their knowledge.
  2. Time to pack – are you costing the true cost into your margin? Have you actually timed it?  Ask your packer too, they do this every day and can probably see the flaws in the process before you can!
  3. Poor customer experience
  4. Impact on the Environmental
  5. Void fill – are you using the most effective type? bubble wrap, packaging chips, paper rolls.

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