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5 clever ways to use Clear Polythene Sheeting

5 clever ways to use clear Polythene sheeting on a roll.

1. Building polytunnel or Cloche

Build a polytunnel in your garden to help easier germination in the spring and a  help create a longer growing season.   Polytunnels provide lots more growing space are ideal for growing vegetables like tomatoes, chillies, peppers and cucumbers.  The Polythene sheeting with the frame of the polytunnel creates a frost protection.



Small Cloches in small spaces!

If space in your garden or allotment is limited a small polythene cloche has the advantage that you can move them to wherever they are needed.


2. Soil Solarization – produce healthy seedlings

Soil solarization is a technique for cleaning soil, trapping heat from the sun under a clear polythene sheet. This technique is an easy and inexpensive way to produce healthy seedlings without any chemical applications.

(photos from junior master gardener)

3. Decorating and DIY dust sheets and covers

Polythene sheeting is an ideal material can use them to cover floors, carpets,  door frames, or even furniture and doorways. It makes an easy room divider to screen off areas,  a dust protector during messy DIY projects.

A temporary covering for floors against spills and sprays from paints and varnishes.


4. Building projects, DIY and industrial applications

From covering site materials or joinery building from the elements to lining a shed, polythene sheeting has many used within the building and construction trades.

5. Protection

Ideal for protection in storage or in transit especially for the more bulky items, Polythene sheeting is waterproof, water resistant. Polythene can be cut to size easily to fit any project required.

polythene sheeting rollPolythene sheeting size and dimensions?

Polythene sheeting is supplied to you on a manageable size roll, the dimensions refer to the unfolded width, a roll 1m x 4m x 25m in length is actually 4 metres wide!

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