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Spectrum Mailing Bags

Spectrum mailing bags offer a vibrant Coloured Mailing Bags range.

Spectrum mailing bags offer a vibrant Coloured range with the added ability to match your brand and products.Spectrum mailing bags offer a vibrant Coloured  range with the added ability to match your brand and products to your mailings.

100% recyclable and made from lightweight, strong polythene, Spectrum mailing bags create an impact when your customers receive their goods. All of our Coloured Mailing Bags feature a super strong ‘peel and seal’ flap, meaning what goes inside stays inside during transit.



Many colours and sizes – take your pick!

Red Polythene Postal Mailing Bag
red spectrum mailing bag
Yellow Polythene Postal Mailing Bag
yellow spectrum mailing bag
Purple Polythene Postal Mailing Bag
purple spectrum mailing bag
Medium size Green Polythene Postal Mailing Bag
green spectrum mailing bag
Orange Polythene Postal Mailing Bag
orange spectrum mailing bag

We stock the most popular sizes of coloured mailing bags:

161 x 240mm,

250x350mm, 305x405mm,

350x500m & 425x600mm

Available in the following 8 vibrant colours.

Sky Blue

Perfect Pink

Eternal Black

Citrus Yellow

Tangy Orange

Regal Purple

Urgent Red

Meadow Green


Spectrum mailing bags are…

  • Durable – Polythene is extremely strong stuff, meaning it will stretch rather than breaking. With Spectrum® mailing bags you can be assured that your goods are securely protected in storage and transit.
  • Waterproof – Unlike paper and cardboard, Spectrum® mailing bags are waterproof. So even if the weather is pouring down with rain you don’t have to worry about your customer receiving a soggy package.
  • Lightweight – Polythene is considerably lighter compared to paper or cardboard and because of this it doesn’t require the same amount of shipping resources, saving you on valuable postage costs.

    spectrum mailing bags
    spectrum mailing bags

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