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Recycling – We Agree!

Recycling, We agree!

We are as outraged as you about plastic waste making its way into the oceans or any other natural environment. As a manufacturer of polythene film (LDPE), we are very aware of our responsibilities, but also of the enormous benefits of plastics as long as they are used and disposed of correctly.

Recycling Polythene Waste

Fact 1: All polythene is 100% recyclable with low levels of power required to do so (compared to paper recycling).

Fact 2: Polythene is much lighter and stronger than paper and therefore lowers distribution costs in the complex supply chains.

Fact 3: Packaging Products Online and the STM Packaging Group recycles all its waste polythene and manufactures recycled products for sale for numerous end uses.

Fact 4: We will take back your waste polythene to recycle it into brand new and useful products, even if it is printed material.

Fact 5: Unlike with paper production, no bleaches or other chemicals are used in the production of polythene and so does not pollute water courses with 'unseen' waste.

We take all this very seriously, but we want to know why no-one is asking who is allowing all this waste to be dumped into our oceans when we should be recycling and reusing all the earth's resources? We would also like to ask why the UK government has allowed a situation to arise in which we rely on China to recycle our plastics, shipping them half-way round the world and wasting even more resources in doing so. Except now, China has said that it won't take any more from 2nd Jan 2018 – so now what?!

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